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Utilizing technologies, such as ICT, M2M & IOT,DT etc., China Entropy surpasses the traditional industrial process, overcoms the difficulties of Transformation and Upgrading, as well as promotes a deep fusion between informatization and industrialization. As the bellwether in the field, China Entropy, proposes end-to-end Intelligent Inter-connected solutions with “Instrumented Network – interacted Network – Intelligent Network” technology roadmaps in various technological and industrial fields, such as alternative energy, intelligent transportation, public safety, smart firefighting, shipping internet, harbors, and oil fields.
China Entropy provides multifaceted solutions, tailored to our clients’ needs. First, Heterogeneous Multi-Mode networks are deployed to facilitate the fusion of physical devices and a linking digital network in order to achieve the management of “IOT”. Secondly, service session flow and information flow bidirectional interaction is established and controlled through our intelligent IWF gateway and telecom network. Thirdly, intelligently forecast of service through cloud computing techniques and big data platforms initiatives emergence and prosperity of various markets.

The Chinese character “Shang” of China Entropy (Han Shang) refers to a physical quantity which indicates the extent of disorder of molecules in thermodynamics. Claude Elwood Shannon adopted “entropy” to describe the degree of uncertainty of the information source in information systems. If the control system could be more advanced in an industrial system, the degree of certainty would be higher, and entropy would be lower correspondingly. Therefore, in this case, the efficiency would be higher and the cost would be much lower. China Entropy has realized interdisciplinary innovation by means of information technology for decreasing entropy in industrial systems.
We regard information technology as our essence in order to achieve interdisciplinary innovation. China Entropy is a corporation aimed at reducing entropy in various industries. We firmly believe that we are “experts in information communication” over period of new industrial revolution and industry transformation.

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