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  • Smart Firefighting

    China Entropy leverages wireless Multi-mode heterogeneous networks, Ad-Hoc networks and indoor positioning technology to help firefighters identify objectives and rescue routes, monitor rescue efforts, and take control of emergency situations safely and effectively.

  • Winter Olympics

    China Entropy provides solutions for making the Olympics safer, smarter, greener, and smoother, using its internally-developed advanced technologies. China Entropy is devoted to helping make the 2022 Winter Olympics a “wonderful, extraordinary, remarkable” grand Game and an unforgettable experience for all.

  • Intelligent Transportation

    Intelligent transportation enabled by China Entropy’s advanced technological tools helps foster harmonious relationships among people, vehicles, roads and city infrastructures.

  • Intelligent Highway

    Using advanced Information and Communication Technology, China Entropy proposes “Instrumented, Interactive, and Intelligent” network solutions to build “Intelligent Highways”, aiming to make our roads safer!

  • Smart Oil Field

    China Entropy’s advanced wireless Multi-mode fusion techniques increase the efficiency and output of oil production processes.

  • Energy Internet

    China Entropy is the world's leading provider of energy Internet solutions. We work with our clients to advance their power generation, transmission, distribution, consumption and storage technologies, to achieve information interaction, and to enhance highly-efficient renewable energy utilization.

  • Cultural relics Smart Protection

    China Entropy provides “Smart Stadium” solutions for exhibiting and protecting cultural relics, including relics monitoring, 3D demonstration, warehouse management, tourist services, and more.

  • To be continued
  • Product strategy

    Relying on a robust portfolio of proprietary technology and intellectual property, China Entropy helps build up technical and industrial capabilities vertically, extend business scope horizontally, and align with end to end ecosystems, which secures the future evolution and long-term sustainability.

  • Product Architecture

    Industry-first proposed layered architecture by “M2M-Interactive-Intelligent”, including multi-mode heterogeneous M2M private networks, industry-oriented specialized gateway and proprietary Cloud platform for operation & business support.

  • Product Advantage

    China Entropy owns core wireless technologies including water-filling schemes, filter-multi-tone modulation, channel pre-evaluation crossing time, frequency domain, and more. China Entropy provides excellent radio network performance, including anti-fading capabilities, lower power consumption, bigger coverage and lower latency.

  • Design

    To meet the needs of growing customer businesses and technological evolution, the experts of China Entropy employ key network design concepts, including “Integration”, “Begin with the end”, and “Precision”.

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  • Consultant

    China Entropy provides strategic information analysis of industry activities and characteristics and consulting services related to the development of Smarter Cities, strategic planning, structure establishment and development of smart industry parks etc.

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  • Delivery Solutions

    With well-developed project management systems and experienced delivery teams, China Entropy provides analytic solutions to help Clients predict potential risks during the project performance, assists Clients in successfully overcoming project challenges (such as complex network deployment, system operations etc.), and offers comprehensive end-to-end project delivery services.

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  • Support

    China Entropy offers comprehensive technology support. Far beyond the traditional customer hotline and product support, we provide our clients with customized system health checks, on-site services, emergency response and guarantee systems.

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  • Optimization

    With its rich experience in network optimization, China Entropy develops technological processes, methods and optimizing tools for system performance evaluation tailored to any industry or technological setting.

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  • Management Services

    China Entropy’s managing services emphasize three key factors: process, staff, and tools. By constantly improving its solutions and services, China Entropy works to ensure the successful implementation of centralized operation and maintenance management services.

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Utilizing technologies, such as ICT, M2M & IOT,DT etc., China Entropy surpasses the traditional industrial process, overcoming the difficulties of Transformation and Upgrading, as well as promoting a deep fusion between informatization and industrialization. As the bellwether in the field, China Entropy, proposes end-to-end Intelligent Inter-connected solutions with “Instrumented Network – interacted Network – Intelligent Network” technology roadmaps in various technological and industrial fields, such as alternative energy, intelligent transportation, public safety, smart firefighting, shipping internet, harbors, and oil fields.

China Entropy provides multifaceted solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. First, Heterogeneous Multi- Mode networks are deployed to facilitate the fusion of physical devices and a linking digital network in order to achieve the management of “IOT”. Second, bidirectional interaction of service session flow and information flow is established and controlled through our intelligent IWF gateway and telecom network. Third, it is necessary to intelligently forecast service volume through cloud computing techniques and big data platforms, resulting in the emergence and prosperity of various APP markets.

The Chinese character “Shang” of China Entropy (Han Shang) refers to a physical quantity which indicates the extent of disorder of molecules in thermodynamics. Claude Elwood Shannon adopted “entropy” to describe the degree of uncertainty of the information source in information systems. If control systems could be more advanced in an industrial system, the degree of certainty would be higher, and entropy would be lower correspondingly. Therefore, in this way, efficiency would be higher and costs would be much lower. China Entropy has realized interdisciplinary innovation by means of information technology, decreasing entropy in industrial systems.

We regard information technology as our essence in order to achieve interdisciplinary innovation. China Entropy is a corporation aimed at reducing entropy in various industries. We firmly believe that we are “experts in information communication” in this period of new industrial revolution and industry transformation.

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