Welcome to ChinaEntropy

With the rapid development of advanced technology such as M2M & IoT, broadband and Cloud, ICT would start a completely new era in interconnectivity.

Product strategies of China Entropy

Based on self-developed products and core technologies, China Entropy provides an “economic moat”, seizing the market initiative. Depending on original Interconnected-interacted-intelligent network, China Entropy vertically constructs technical barriers to trade and horizontally expands its business scale to meet the demand of every industry. China Entropy aims at creating an end-to-end ecological chain as well as keeping the sustainability of products in use.

Product Architecture

Unlike the traditional network architecture of “sensing-transmission-application”, China Entropy is the first to put forward a high-performance tiered architecture of “Interconnected network- interacted network-intelligent network”. Traditional architecture only achieves data collecting and transmission, whereas, China Entropy focuses more on real-time data interaction and intelligence service.

First, Heterogeneous Multi-Mode network is deployed to facilitate the fusion of physical devices and digital network, in order to achieve the controlled management of “IOT”.
Secondly, service session flow and information flow bidirectional interaction is realized and controlled, through our intelligent IWF gateway and telecom-grade network.
Thirdly,it is necessary to build intelligent systems to forecast different services through cloud computing techniques with big data platforms, driving rapid development in various application spaces.
China Entropy provides a complete product package of “excellent service” including all three tiers above, so as to meet the different demands of customers from various industries

Customer Value

To provide ad hoc customer-owned networks, which could save costs without any restrictions from telecom operators.
To provide customized networks which accomplishes dynamic adaption to meet different business demands.
To provide terminals with low-consumption, wide coverage, long distance capabilities for cost-saving in implementation.
To provide multiple backup mechanisms and encryption algorithms with proprietary technology and intellectual property rights to secure applications.
To provide stable product and reliable networks with higher efficiency of frequency utilization, low latency, and excellent network performance.

Technology Advantages

2D channel estimation & dynamic coding without time or frequency limits.
Water-filling algorithm& Filter-Multi-Tone FMT.
Rate-adaptive dynamic systems and optimized ad-hoc networking mechanisms.
Multi-backup mechanisms with multi-channel and flexible QoS guaranteed.
Leading encryption algorithms with domestic proprietary technology and intellectual property rights.

Advantages on wireless performance

FMT and IoT technologies provided by China Entropyapply unique coding & decoding, modulation, and networking technology. China Entropy’s solutions are better at coping with time varying, frequency-selective fading, reflecting on its wireless performance with improved demodulation capability, lower power consumption, shorter time latency, and wider space coverage.

Advantages on Cloud and Big Data

Private networks adapt to the needs of various applications across industries to ensure real-time interaction of dynamic data. Policy-control introduced into management and control systems in PaaS layer enables business-oriented resources scheduling.
Based on secure session management, and in cooperation with security measures on the infrastructure side, multiple authentication and controlling mechanisms can be achieved to ensure the safety of cloud computing.
Supporting full integration interface of business flow and ability flow with controlled abilities of API.
Standard programmable interfaces are provided to bring businesses on the industry chain online in short periods of time.

Advantages on excellent services

About twenty years of experiences in system integration, network design, and business & operation support.
Experience in engineering implementation and optimization for applications in every industry and environment.
Effective management & service capabilities.
A comprehensive suite of products, including consulting, design, delivery, optimization, support, and management.