Welcome to ChinaEntropy

Interconnection provides a foundation, interaction becomes a framework, intelligence accomplishes the ultimate goal.

Based on rich experience in vertical industries and advanced technologies, China Entropy provides a package of customized services for the clients, including consulting, design, network deployment, technical support, system optimization, management service etc.


China Entropy provides strategic information analysis of industry activities and characteristics and consulting services related to the development of Smarter Cities, strategic planning, structure establishment, and development of smart industry parks etc.

Enterprise information construction, which aims to help enterprises improve their management level, is an important means of creating differentiation advantages in competition. Because different industries place different emphasis on enterprise information construction, such as data processing, information integration, resource optimization, interaction between internal, and external information etc., a scientific and feasible enterprise information strategy plays a significant role in guaranteeing the enterprises’ sustainable and healthy development.
China Entropy devotes itself to helping clients identify problems, compare solution performance, modify networks, and provide the most effective solutions.

To create smart cities and parks, new ideas, global view, and resources integration capabilities are required. Depending on the crossover advantages, China Entropy makes every effort to help clients break all gaps, including those related to technology, platforms, systems, data, services, and applications etc., and provides sustainable and feasible solutions with innovative ideas and synergistic interoperability, which at the same time protects existing infrastructure investment programs and planning proposals.


To meet the needs of growing customer businesses and technological evolution, the experts of China Entropy employ key network design concepts, including “Integration”, “Begin with the end”, and “Precision”.

  • Site survey and wireless frequency checking;

  • Propagation model calibration;

  • Surface design;

  • IP network planning;

  • Wireless simulation and wireless network design of private industrial networks;

  • Design of transmission;

  • Core network design and application planning.

Delivery Solutions

With well-developed project management systems and experienced delivery teams, China Entropy provides analytic solutions to help Clients predict potential risks during project implementation, assists Clients in successfully overcoming project challenges ( such as complex network deployment, system operations etc.), and offers comprehensive end-to-end project delivery services.

  • Turnkey network deployment services

  • Hardware expansion or adjustment network structures;

  • Software patch or upgrade;

  • The on-site maintenance service for OpenNet.


China Entropy offers comprehensive technology support. Far beyond the traditional customer hotline and product support, China Entropy provides clients with customized system health checks, on-site services, emergency response, and systems support.

  • Technical hotline: By means of remote access, remote mirror, or telephone, our excellent technical support team would provide feasible solutions for network failures as soon as they occur.

  • Product support: for upgrading products-- the introduction of new products and the replacement of obsolete products.

  • Health checkup services: to check configuration parameters, running state parameters, system performance parameters, and application effect of devices and help clients analyze potential risks, taking preventive measures.

  • On-site product support and emergency safeguard: to provide support to field service teams in accordance with clients’ particular requirements to guarantee network safety successful operation and to educate and train client’s staff.


With its rich experience in network optimization, China Entropy develops technological processes, methods, and optimizes tools for system performance evaluation tailored to any industry or technological setting.

  • The initial optimization of projects in network deployment;

  • The key KPI evaluation of network operating performance;

  • The analysis of relevant business;

  • The improvement of networks and optimization of parameters;

  • Optimization for a specific purpose related to the characteristic of the business operation.

Management Services

China Entropy’s managing services emphasize three key factors: process, staff, and tools. By constantly improving its solutions and services, China Entropy works to ensure the successful implementation of centralized operation and maintenance management services.

  • Network operation including operation assurance, operation execution, help desk, and field operation;

  • Operation support: operational life cycle management, quality management and evaluation, safety management, process improvement, co-workers management, and the sustainable planning for business, etc;

  • The infrastructure maintenance and spare parts management;

  • The operating management of MVNO.